About us

Metals are key to the green economy, and sustainability leaders in this sector need software tailored to their unique challenges. Sirius delivers just that. Our seasoned team, experts in metals, mining, sustainability, and advanced computing, has developed solutions for some of the world's most innovative companies. Now, with support from top-notch investors, we are transforming how the metal supply chain manages and shares sustainability data. Imagine less spreadsheet agony and more strategic, impactful victories. Because, let’s face it, sustainability work is overdue for the tech upgrade it deserves.

about us

Our team


Anastasia Kuskova

Co-founder and CEO


Sergey Tyan

Co-founder and CCO


Seva Martynov

Co-founder and COO & CTO

Sirius Just Landed EUR1.2M to Make Metals and Mining Green (and Cool)

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